stalk a little much?

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  So after reading this I decided to have a little bit of fun and came up with this pic here, it fit, all the signs were there.. the signs of stalker were there, and the dogs know bad news when they smell it.     You can say this is over the top, but is it really??? There are many people out there with mental illness that create a “relationship” with someone in their head and then some act on it. There are dangerous people out there in the world and most of the time, people are not paying attention. This girl is prepared, either she knows of this person or has had bad things happen to her in the past. Never ignore that voice in your head that says: “danger, get the fuck outta here.”...

Say no to illegal drugs.

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In a dark seedy world of people using illegal drugs, where they are breaking the law to get their fix, we have to explore the possibility that having drugs illegal is part of the problem. As a former user, I have my own experiences of how things are dealt with at the gang level. You watch and see. You see, with illegal drugs, creates crimes, such as gang wars, murder, mayhem, and chaos breaks out over who should control what territory and so forth. Then we go and look darker into these gangs and what else they are doing, besides selling illegal drugs, they are selling people, children that become sex slaves. This is where we look at what else they are doing, such as supporting terrorism, and other regimes that are killing people off because they are being funded by illegal drugs. This is where I am looking at things from, the dark seedier side of the drug trade, the side that we don’t...

Go the F— to Sleep!

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Murder By Proxy

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“You hear, about some kid did something stupid– something desperate. What possessed him? How could he do such a terrible thing? Well, (come here) It’s really quite simple, actually. Consider life of a teenager, huh? You have parents, teachers telling you what to do. You have movies, magazines, and TV telling you what to do, but you know what you have to. Huh? Your job, your purpose is to get accepted, get a cute girlfriend, and think up something great to do for the rest of your life. What if you’re confused and you can’t imagine a career? What if you’re funny looking and can’t get a girlfriend? You see, no one wants to hear it. But the terrible secret… is that being young, is sometimes less fun then being dead. Suicide is wrong…” – Mark Hunter – Pump Up the Volume This quote is the quote that begins this post, where we begin, and where we will end. The topic of this...

Vote Independent

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I often sit at my computer looking for something inspirational to write about, and yet find it hard to have inspiration. I look at the many topics and I see too many topics that just depress me to no end. People are too wrapped up in their reality shows, and other distractions. The distraction currently in the USA is the Presidential Election, where one puppet will be replaced with another or perhaps it will stay the same. In the mean time, people are distracted like rats in a maze with which of the two candidates are better for the country and which one has the best vision. The answer is their vision does not include you. It only includes those with the cash to put them in power. Politicians are like a Nascar automobile, they should be covered in stickers from the highest bidders and those do not include you. It only includes the elite, the rich and those that do not care about you. I...

We the Sheeple…

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Scared in a corner unwilling to think, unwilling to act, and unwilling to stand up and say NO. Unwilling to say we are one, and we have a voice, and if you are not willing to listen, we are willing stand up with arms, we have that right. We the people has turned into sheeple, because no one is willing to put their head up out over the wall to see what is being done to their countries. In Canada, it is as much the same as the United States of America on many levels. The news media spins the story to it’s advantage for the elites that run the country. We are blinded by the indication of the stupidity on TV just as much as our American Friends. We both get the same Programming. Put aside the republican and democratic nonsense, and liberal and conservative ideals, pick up this one idea, this one ideal, We the people, an idea that included everyone regardless of beliefs and colors,...

Occupy Movement, An exercise in futility.

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Here we are hitting the end of November 2011, and we are now seeing the occupy movements being targeted and slammed against the wall and forced to move out of where they have been occupying. One city after another has filed injunctions, and ordered the occupiers to move out. Like one big conspiracy between the mayors of all the cities where the occupy movements are in, you can see them topple like a house of cards. This is where you can see that the movement has been infiltrated by police organizations, working on behalf of the city mayors, and working together in a larger conspiracy to crush a movement that desires change in the world. You watch everything, and you read it online. It is as if each occupy encampment has been infiltrated and setup to fail and setup to be destroyed. If this sounds farfetched, I would disagree with you. There is no need to say I’m making up a conspiracy...

Dumb Asses Anonymous

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