After looking at the article Greenland Glaciers Losing Ice Much Faster, Study Says, I have to ask the question, what was Scallion seeing, and what was he onto when he first went on Coast to Coast AM, with Host Art Bell so many years ago?

Perhaps he had been working on math with people, or he is a visionary of what is happening, and what is going on and putting two and two together as it were.

I had wondered about that. A vision, a dream, coming reality?

Does this scare anyone yet, that these pictures that I will attach below have a possibility of becoming reality?

With what is being said from this article, I have to ask, how long will it take before the ice melts and there is not enough land left for 6.5 billion people currently, and probably when it all melts around 8-9 billion. Where are all these people going to go?

What will be the most likely series of events, when things start to melt, more and more levies will be built to try to hold off the water. But with the weather patterns also changing during all these events, all these levies will be in vain.

When all is said and done, and when everything is over, there will be less space for more people in the world, and when all the weather patterns destroy many areas due to tornado and hurricanes, people will die and diseases will be rampant in those areas.

Expect many hundreds of thousands to millions of people world wide to die due to the weather changes.

Earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, ground touching jet stream, volcanoes, the weather of the future is now.

What we thought of as something far fetched is now knocking on our door of reality, and what we are seeing is only the beginning.

As everyone else says, are we coming to the end of the world as we know it?? Who knows, I have no idea, and I can say what Mother Nature has in store for us, we could only possibly imagine.

Is it Revelations, or is it Genesis?

I don’t know if Revelations is real or not, but if what is written in the Bible is true and Revelations is true then, just think what is in store for us.

God only knows….


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