Here we are hitting the end of November 2011, and we are now seeing the occupy movements being targeted and slammed against the wall and forced to move out of where they have been occupying.

One city after another has filed injunctions, and ordered the occupiers to move out. Like one big conspiracy between the mayors of all the cities where the occupy movements are in, you can see them topple like a house of cards.

This is where you can see that the movement has been infiltrated by police organizations, working on behalf of the city mayors, and working together in a larger conspiracy to crush a movement that desires change in the world.

You watch everything, and you read it online. It is as if each occupy encampment has been infiltrated and setup to fail and setup to be destroyed. If this sounds farfetched, I would disagree with you.

There is no need to say I’m making up a conspiracy when you can see from a coordinated effort by each city one after another day after day, repeating, again and again to remove the occupiers from where they are camping. Using any tactics at their disposal to remove them and silence them.

Think about this, Both Canada and the United States have the right to peaceful assembly as a founding principle of their Constitutions. These people have been peacefully gathering, there have been no riots, and no fights, and nothing that would violate the peace. But here we are, they are being forced to be removed, from “city parks” and other public spaces.

It is my opinion and that of many others, there is no central theme or a city by city theme of what each movement really wants, or what the whole movement wants. There is no central voice, no central theme, and no central decision making process to organize each city.

What we got here is FAILURE to ORGANIZE, some people just don’t get it, which is what we have had here for the last several weeks, which is the way they seem to want it, while they got it. The failure to organize and have a mandate and a direction has been the downfall of the occupy movement.

There is no real excuse for this failure other then fear and confusion, and those in the movement thinking that not having one central voice is a good thing. I disagree, it is a bad thing as it creates confusion, disorganization, and immobilization of a movement to actually achieve any of the goals that were set out back in the beginning.

There has been no organization to get ten million people to match on Washington, DC. There has been no central theme to say we will rent buses and bus in people from other cities to help in the march on Seattle, or Portland, or Chicago or any other of a dozen cities involved in this occupy movement.  This is what the civil rights movement did. They bought the movement with them from city to city. They helped get more people out there to march by having the buses already in the city.

People forget what Martin Luther King Jr. actually accomplished. People forget that he was always thinking 10 steps ahead and always strategizing on what to do next. He never wanted violence in his movement. He never wanted people to use violence.

Why do you ask? Simply because he felt that if people used violence to get what they wanted, it would be no better than what the government was doing at the many campuses across the USA during that time period.

Rosa Parks decided to sit at the front of a bus, how dare she, that stupid N—-.  That was the sentiment of the day towards her. It really was.

We have to remember that if we want change in this world we must be organized against them and make them fear the people, without using any form of violence. If we can get several million out for Obama winning the presidency in 2008, then we can get the people to stand up and say we need change.

The Occupy Movement needs a leader that can clearly articulate his thoughts, be quick on his toes to be able to respond when asked questions, and not lose his temper at everything or anything. In addition, the person must be able to look and dress good.

Someone needs to stand up and be a leader, for these occupy movements. One man is all we need to be willing to be the front man; a leader, a thinker, and the one in charge of creating a direction.

Without a leader, I fear all hope will be lost.