Scared in a corner unwilling to think, unwilling to act, and unwilling to stand up and say NO. Unwilling to say we are one, and we have a voice, and if you are not willing to listen, we are willing stand up with arms, we have that right.

We the people has turned into sheeple, because no one is willing to put their head up out over the wall to see what is being done to their countries.

In Canada, it is as much the same as the United States of America on many levels. The news media spins the story to it’s advantage for the elites that run the country. We are blinded by the indication of the stupidity on TV just as much as our American Friends. We both get the same Programming.

Put aside the republican and democratic nonsense, and liberal and conservative ideals, pick up this one idea, this one ideal, We the people, an idea that included everyone regardless of beliefs and colors, religion, and any other belief system designed to keep people segregated and separated into their own groups.

Put down your religion, and put it aside for one belief, and one ideal, take your political separatist ideas and cast those aside like a religious demon from the movies. Take a moment to realize that everything you have been taught has been to keep you separated from your fellow man and woman from being friends.

Understand, learn, share, the belief that we are one, people in one world United by the common thread that we are the people that can make change happen. Take up arms only when there is no other choice left but to take up arms against your own governments.

Become active in politics and change the system, don’t sell out your morals, force change through community, and demand more from those you elect. Threaten their income from not being elected again. Don’t vote for those that are of one religious group or political color, vote for those that will help your community and are willing to help your community.

Tolstoy said, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” Change your own beliefs and change your own hatreds towards those that have caused you harm. Change is the hardest thing to do, and only those that are willing to walk through hell to seek the change they want, will reap the rewards.

The wars on this or that have not created a solution, only perpetuated the problem due to continued ignorance. The only true solution to any problem is to listen, learn, and understand, and then only can you find a solution to the problem.

We the people know the war on drugs is a complete failure, but yet we do nothing to tell our gov’t it is time to change its stance.  Sure we each individually stand up, but yet we do nothing to stand up as a group, with one voice, one society stating this is what we want.

Take a pause against your religious beliefs and political beliefs and put them down, that is a separatist set of belief systems that stop us, as a people as a world, as a society from coming together with one voice and declaring this is what we want as a world, as a country, as state, as a city.

We are a society that is broken, that cannot get passed the situation that is our lives. We use that as a basis for our beliefs and as our way of thinking. We compound that with how we live, to how we belief in some belief in a “god” that we know nothing about. Yet we assume that he has our best interests at heart, and we all know what we say about assume…

We are broken on so many levels that each of us as a person would hold on to our beliefs so tight that we would rather drown then get in the boat that came by to save us.

This is the stupidity they want and use to control us. They use this division against us as a weapon, because they know it works, they know that we are sheeple they can lead around by the nose.

They use this political separation as a way to keep us apart as a people from creating a better society. Our entire Government setup is setup as an adversarial system to fight against one another in order to keep the separation going. Our system of government is setup to create division, and this is one of their ways of control. It’s a requirement to have an opposition party, a brilliant creation to have political parties with different views to keep the status quo. This is what the elites want and this is what they have.

We the people should want to change the status quo, and to change the status quo, we need to change ourselves. We need to change our beliefs, music choices, Television viewing choices, political choices, and our religious beliefs.

We need to stop using television as a distraction and escape from thinking, listening to useless music that has no values and morals. We need to put one stubborn political belief down, and realize it is a way for separation from one another. We need to stop using religion as a weapon for hatred and a reason to act a certain way which does not benefit society as a whole. We do not need religion to tell us that poor people should be helped. We do not need religion to create a better society. Religion is a way to create separation from our fellow man.

We the people in the “21st Century” should be grown up enough to know that it is time to put down childish belief systems and become a man in the world. Yes I use a religious quote, because it is a good quote in this situation. Religion is a childish belief, and so are adversarial political systems.

We are setup to fail, and setup for failure. It is time to change ourselves as a whole, as a society.  We need to stop playing their games they have laid out for us. We need to stop playing along to get along. We need to stop accepting this is as good as it gets. We need to stop allowing ourselves to be brainwashed by the stupidity of the idiot box in the corner over there.  Stop being manipulated.

We the people are manipulated through everything we input into our minds. We are controlled through fear and through those that wield control as a weapon over us.