I often sit at my computer looking for something inspirational to write about, and yet find it hard to have inspiration. I look at the many topics and I see too many topics that just depress me to no end.

People are too wrapped up in their reality shows, and other distractions. The distraction currently in the USA is the Presidential Election, where one puppet will be replaced with another or perhaps it will stay the same.

In the mean time, people are distracted like rats in a maze with which of the two candidates are better for the country and which one has the best vision. The answer is their vision does not include you. It only includes those with the cash to put them in power.

Politicians are like a Nascar automobile, they should be covered in stickers from the highest bidders and those do not include you. It only includes the elite, the rich and those that do not care about you.

I know I’m starting to sound like George Carlin here, but while he informed you of what was going on, he never spoke of the options and solutions  that are available to people.

One option is non-participation in their political system, while it shows you have a lack of interest in being involved it actually is not a solution that can help.

Becoming involved in politics but not the parties is one solution. However, staying away from the deliberate left and right drama that is part of the great distraction is one way to do things.

I recommend that people instead of not voting at all, vote independent. The more independent people that are elected, the less power the parties will have.

The conundrum of this situation is the fact that people think that voting independent is throwing their vote away. I submit that it is not, because it takes power away from the parties.

This is one way to create reform. The other is to donate to these independent people and rally behind them to get them elected.

Through all of this I have to say this is not a perfect solution by any means, but it is one way to take back power.

Doing this on the local, county, and state level as well can and will make a difference.

It also takes an effort from people to be involved completely instead of sitting on the sidelines and hoping someone else will take up the banner and take up the leadership role.

Had the founding fathers of America done just that, there would be no United States of America, and the continent would still be under colonial rule.  They never quit, and they never surrendered, but what has happened to America today? Just the opposite, Americans are so willing to give up their rights while accepting the illusion of security that is created.

Take back America with your involvement and your vote, become part of your state militia, if you don’t have one petition your state for one.  After all, helping our in your own state is a good thing.

I do not suggest the use of a violent uprising; I suggest flexing another muscle in your body called your brain, turn off your TV and start thinking.