In a dark seedy world of people using illegal drugs, where they are breaking the law to get their fix, we have to explore the possibility that having drugs illegal is part of the problem.

As a former user, I have my own experiences of how things are dealt with at the gang level. You watch and see.

You see, with illegal drugs, creates crimes, such as gang wars, murder, mayhem, and chaos breaks out over who should control what territory and so forth.

Then we go and look darker into these gangs and what else they are doing, besides selling illegal drugs, they are selling people, children that become sex slaves. This is where we look at what else they are doing, such as supporting terrorism, and other regimes that are killing people off because they are being funded by illegal drugs.

This is where I am looking at things from, the dark seedier side of the drug trade, the side that we don’t want to look at. I mention the sale of children because it is true, it happens. Where do you think some of these missing girls go missing at? They vanish from north America to another corner of the world, given a new name, new look and are sold into sexual slavery? It’s not uncommon for these things to happen right out from underneath peoples noses and not even see them happening. It’s that part of the drug trade we don’t want to look at. The part we don’t want to think about.

The only answer is to legalize all illegal drugs. There I said it. This would destroy the major funding to gangs, and terrorist organizations.  I know that illegal drugs support terrorism, just look at Afghanistan, and the opium they are selling.. That money is being used to fund the many factions over there, funded by everyone that is using the substance.

Legalization would allow money to be shifted away from the criminal aspect of public funding to the medical and educational aspect. We spend billions on the war on drugs, only to stop this or that level person, only to see them replaced by someone else. That is as effective as stopping an artery from bleeding with duct tape.

Marijuana is a great item that could be regulated and taxed by the governments of North America. I would legalize the growing of marijuana in properly secured buildings that are wired for commercial applications. This would not eliminate home growing, which I would also allow people to grow up to 10 plants at home on their own.  Which if someone wanted to do so, they would have to have a proper out building for their growing purposes.  This would also open up competition for different types of strains of marijuana, and having regulated stores that sell the product, much like liqueur stores.

The amount of taxes that would be received by the sales of marijuana alone would be enough to wipe out the national debts of all the States and the national debt of the United States, and all of Canada’s debts as well.

You are asking yourself about the other hard drugs, and why I have not mentioned those yet. Well the answer is, all of those drugs are a serious medical issue that truly needs to be addressed by the medical field that we should be working to help get people off the dependency. By making these drugs legal we can work towards spending money on education of the effects of these hard drugs and helping those get off the dependency.

The hard drugs present a very difficult problem for us, as we know that meth can be cooked up at home as it were from general chemicals. However, if you talk to many people about why they use meth, the answer is usually because they cannot afford the other hard drugs such as cocaine, crack, or heroin, or opium.  Many people will try to tell me that my conclusions are all wrong, and that I do not know what I am talking about, however I’ve done my research, and listened to answers from those that have done the drug.

There are solutions to all the problems, things will just take time to figure out, and work on them. Instead of ignoring our drug problems as a nation we need to actually look at the problems and meet them head on. In the USA alone, the Federal and State governments are spending at least 10 billion dollars a year on the war on drugs. This is not including the court and incarceration costs, which add up to even more than 10 billion a year.  Now if we were to take that money and use it for education, and medical dependency and recovery for all those that are addicted, we could save so much money it is not funny.

People always look at the numbers and never at the human factor of drugs. However if we look at prohibition in America during the dirty thirties, it created more criminals and people went blind and died from botched bathtub gin, and homemade hooch it was not funny. This is the same with drugs.

People cut drugs with whatever they can to try to get more money out of it, and end up cutting it with substances that can kill people.

My point is that we need a new solution to make these drugs legal, instead of prosecuting people and putting them in prison and giving them a criminal record for an addition, we need to change our thinking and move from locking people up to trying to end addictions.

There will be people we cannot help out and these people will overdose. This is something we must accept as part of a change in prices and availability.  People will die, it is not something we can fix, solve, or stop.

People need to wake up and see the light, and realize that the current system of fighting fire with gasoline is not solving the problem; it just makes it worse. Look at Mexico along the border, there is fighting over territory and who is selling to who so many people are just getting killed for no reason. The sad part is, if the USA/Canada allowed people to grow marijuana, and there were people/companies that would make it so people could get a prescription to the other hard drugs at a super discount, and then I believe that this would make the war in Mexico a moot point and a war they would be fighting for nothing for. If Mexico followed suit and did the same thing we could slowly move from the gangs running and controlling the drugs to the people having the control.

Perhaps the Governments fear the idea of giving people more control over their lives, and the choice of growing their own drugs.

Maybe I’m an optimist, in that I hope that there could be a change in thinking that we could solve this issue, and we could kill two birds with one stone. There has to be a change with this, as it requires our society to get out of the mindset that putting people in jail solves problems. It does not solve problems; it actually makes them worse, as the person comes out with more connections then when they went in.

It is time for society to accept that addiction is a medical problem, and that sellers are meeting the demand of the addicted.  We punish the sellers for filling a need, and yet we could consider legalization.

It is time for change. It’s time we made a change, and it’s time to look forward, instead of backwards.