As many people know in the world lately we keep getting told that carbon is evil and we must stop creating carbon, and we must get carbon below 400ppm (parts per million).

The lie that was created that we must stop Carbon has turned into a Religion. If you don’t believe in Climate Change you have a mental problem, or a nut or conspiracy theorist or a conservative or republican. If you don’t believe or are willing to convert, you are berated, humiliated, and a continuing barrage of derisive comments towards you.

We are told that cap and trade is an option that we should consider. But the reality is that it does nothing. Let me break it down into simple terms. The Government states that every person is allowed to have 5 tons of CO2, but every corporation that produces products is organized by industry, while let’s say, that Corporation A has excess Carbon credits, and they want to sell them for some cash. They would then put them on the open market. The Open Market would be a new stock market created specifically designed for carbon trading. Now Company B wants those carbon Credits, so they would put a purchase order out there with the trading company. The trading company would adjust the price, much like the stock market, based on the highest buy price of the day or moment. This is how the stock market works, highest buy price raises the price, and the lowest sell price lowers the price. Now in the middle will be the trading company taking their percentage from both the seller, then the buyer. When this whole scam gets into full speed, there will be multiple trading companies, or carbon credits would get added to the general stock market and run from there so every stock broker with a series 7 can go and buy and sell based on what the clients want. But in the middle the brokers get rich.

Now let’s go back to the beginning of this reality, and draw the lines here, company A uses less then their “carbon credits” then they sell then to company B. Now when you look at this on a graph, and you say on a scale of 1-10, company A sells 6 then company B buys that 6, there is no REAL ACTUAL Deduction in Carbon being used. It’s All a scam, and it’s a misdirection and a scam on the uneducated into believing there is a difference being made.

Carbon Taxes go into General Revenue in most places, and it makes people believe that it’s making a difference. If people look at all the power they use, from their car, to their home, cell phone, computer, etc. You find that this Carbon Tax is a creation to tax the shit out of people for no valid reason.

Taxing Carbon does nothing to reduce pollution. Everyone I’ve ever talked to, where I bring up Carbon tax is bullshit freak out at me and say I’m nuts. The Pollution I am talking about is all the land fills spewing out methane out of the ground and into the atmosphere. Let’s look at a line from an article from Scientific American:  1“Methane is 21 percent more potent as a global warmer than carbon dioxide.” Now when we consider that we are leaving many landfills unattended, nor are we going out there to dig up these landfills that we created because the idea of recycling 50 years ago, and less than 35 years ago when they moved from using glass which was a natural substance from rock/sand/silica used heat to make a glass bottle. Now we moved to plastic, which is made from oil, and damned near everything is put into plastic these days. Plastic Bottles, containers, bags, and so many more different things made from plastic, where it has become a way of life for things to be made out of plastic. Generally, it is because it’s cheaper, however it’s less environmentally friendly. But all the Carbon people go on about how we need to get off oil and drive our car’s less, but yet they ignore the 99% of everything else made from plastic.

The Carbon Tax people and the Carbon groups work on the FUD factor, which breaks down to fear uncertainty, and doubt. They create fear that too much carbon is going to kill you. Uncertainty in your future because everything you know is going come to an end. And finally the doubt, that is designed to make you have doubt about everything you do in your life, and is it using too much carbon if I turn on the lights, go for a drive to the store, or some other impossible reason.

The Carbon Tax and Carbon Religion as I call it or cult of Carbon, was created as a new and inventive idea to tax people out of their money, where that money does nothing to really benefit anyone.

I’m not saying deny that Carbon has reached 400ppm, in the atmosphere, but bring up and ask questions of other environmentally damaging things that are causing more damage then driving to the store and back for a readers digest or the bank to deposit a check.


The Carbon Tax FUD factor is a creation and a method to force people to bend to the whims of the rich elite to take more of your money.