Carbon: The Mythical Boogeyman

As many people know in the world lately we keep getting told that carbon is evil and we must stop creating carbon, and we must get carbon below 400ppm (parts per million).

The lie that was created that we must stop Carbon has turned into a Religion. If you don’t believe in Climate Change you have a mental problem, or a nut or conspiracy theorist or a conservative or republican. If you don’t believe or are willing to convert, you are berated, humiliated, and a continuing barrage of derisive comments towards you.

We are told that cap and trade is an option that we should consider. But the reality is that it does nothing. Let me break it down into simple terms. The Government states that every person is allowed to have 5 tons of CO2, but every corporation that produces products is organized by industry, while let’s say, that Corporation A has excess Carbon credits, and they want to sell them for some cash. They would then put them on the open market. The Open Market would be a new stock market created specifically designed for carbon trading. Now Company B wants those carbon Credits, so they would put a purchase order out there with the trading company. The trading company would adjust the price, much like the stock market, based on the highest buy price of the day or moment. This is how the stock market works, highest buy price raises the price, and the lowest sell price lowers the price. Now in the middle will be the trading company taking their percentage from both the seller, then the buyer. When this whole scam gets into full speed, there will be multiple trading companies, or carbon credits would get added to the general stock market and run from there so every stock broker with a series 7 can go and buy and sell based on what the clients want. But in the middle the brokers get rich. (more…)

stalk a little much?



So after reading this I decided to have a little bit of fun and came up with this pic here, it fit, all the signs were there.. the signs of stalker were there, and the dogs know bad news when they smell it.


Say no to illegal drugs.

In a dark seedy world of people using illegal drugs, where they are breaking the law to get their fix, we have to explore the possibility that having drugs illegal is part of the problem.

As a former user, I have my own experiences of how things are dealt with at the gang level. You watch and see.

You see, with illegal drugs, creates crimes, such as gang wars, murder, mayhem, and chaos breaks out over who should control what territory and so forth.


Murder By Proxy

“You hear, about some kid did something stupid– something desperate. What possessed him? How could he do such a terrible thing? Well, (come here) It’s really quite simple, actually. Consider life of a teenager, huh? You have parents, teachers telling you what to do. You have movies, magazines, and TV telling you what to do, but you know what you have to. Huh? Your job, your purpose is to get accepted, get a cute girlfriend, and think up something great to do for the rest of your life. What if you’re confused and you can’t imagine a career? What if you’re funny looking and can’t get a girlfriend? You see, no one wants to hear it. But the terrible secret… is that being young, is sometimes less fun then being dead. Suicide is wrong…” – Mark Hunter – Pump Up the Volume

This quote is the quote that begins this post, where we begin, and where we will end. The topic of this post is about two things that have happened in my life, Bullying and Suicide. I’ve personally been bullied, and I’ve personally known over a dozen people that have committed suicide.