Entertainment is dead…

Have you noticed that there is nothing left in the movie industry? No Original Ideas left? All the creativity in Hollywood has dried up and there is nothing left.

Its remake after remake, or comic book heroes being made into movies, or cartoons made into movies… it’s the same thing rehashed. The worst part of this is they are picking crappy movies to remake for no real good reason other then to make better special effects.

Seriously when did acting become secondary to the special effects? When did actors become replaced by special effects… what’s next? Being replaced with holograms?

There are no real good actors anymore, back when there were no special effects, people had to act. Kids now days would call those crappy movies. When a special effect was a woman whipping her hair, or something as simple as that, or a line, or a gesture, that is what made people remember that movie. This is not the case anymore where actors are just there to fill the screen.

TV shows are crap, its redo of some other show, but let’s add some comedy to it instead, most TV shows have no purpose, and reality does generally suck, as they have nothing interesting to offer. Why do we have season 6 of some reality show? Seriously people get a grip, the shows are entirely too stupid. I still want survivor to go to Antarctica, that way they can be real survivors, instead of fake crap.

Frankly I’m kind of sick of bad TV. What is worse is the theaters are filled with more crappy movies that make millions because of the special effects, not the acting.

A lot of the actors just can’t act these days, the craft is dead. Its all about them standing on a green screen moving back and forth yelling like their about to die, and the special effects are added later.  Is that acting? REALLY is it? I don’t think so. I think its weak and pathetic way to call ones self an actor or actress. Perhaps real acting happens at your local drama theater.

I find myself watching public TV more, and other learning related TV shows, because the rest of the shows on TV offer nothing stimulating or entertaining. It’s always interesting to learn how things are done, that you will never get a chance to do.

I don’t know what else I can say, but as I have said before, turn off the TV. Don’t watch the news on TV read it on-line.  Read two or three versions of the same story.

When you have watched enough TV as I have, nothing really entertains you. You may think it’s kind of sad really but, in my personal opinion, I think its time people started to pick up a book and read, I might have to take my own advice and do the same.