Carbon: The Mythical Boogeyman

As many people know in the world lately we keep getting told that carbon is evil and we must stop creating carbon, and we must get carbon below 400ppm (parts per million).

The lie that was created that we must stop Carbon has turned into a Religion. If you don’t believe in Climate Change you have a mental problem, or a nut or conspiracy theorist or a conservative or republican. If you don’t believe or are willing to convert, you are berated, humiliated, and a continuing barrage of derisive comments towards you.

We are told that cap and trade is an option that we should consider. But the reality is that it does nothing. Let me break it down into simple terms. The Government states that every person is allowed to have 5 tons of CO2, but every corporation that produces products is organized by industry, while let’s say, that Corporation A has excess Carbon credits, and they want to sell them for some cash. They would then put them on the open market. The Open Market would be a new stock market created specifically designed for carbon trading. Now Company B wants those carbon Credits, so they would put a purchase order out there with the trading company. The trading company would adjust the price, much like the stock market, based on the highest buy price of the day or moment. This is how the stock market works, highest buy price raises the price, and the lowest sell price lowers the price. Now in the middle will be the trading company taking their percentage from both the seller, then the buyer. When this whole scam gets into full speed, there will be multiple trading companies, or carbon credits would get added to the general stock market and run from there so every stock broker with a series 7 can go and buy and sell based on what the clients want. But in the middle the brokers get rich. (more…)

Help me I’m Under Water

With flooding along the Rivers, and the rain pouring down hard, it makes me question this whole theory of Global Warming.

Theory or Fact?

Its Fact, the world is getting warmer, and the rain is falling more. We the people of the world live with the trust that the engineers know what they are doing…

Yes they do, they planned for everything possible based no what we know…

…what about what we don’t know?

Think about it, in the last 10 years the weather has changed so drastically, that prediction the weather is no more a science, then seeing how far a helium balloon will go.

People see flooding as something that only used to happen to those people. Unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore, it could happen to you and me just the same. People don’t understand why this is happening, the ice is melting, the glaciers are melting, what is going on?

It’s simple really, we did it, and we are paying for it. It has only taken 150 years to upset the balance of nature. Blink your eye, and that’s about how fast it would appear in the microcosm of space and time.

Reality is we are to blame for this, scientists come up with more far flung theories, to explain away everything; we are in a warming cycle, or we are just leaving the last ice age, or this is only temporary. It has become an excuse ridden society. I’m not to blame for this, it’s the next guy. Well point a finger at someone and four are pointing back at you. Yes we are to blame for this. How many tons of pollutants have we put into the atmosphere in the last 150 years?

Let us not forget to include the earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, flooding, volcanic eruptions, and diseases. Let us not forget that the earth has its own temperament as well. But you say, then why should I be to blame for all of this??

When it comes to flooding of civilization as we know it, who built on the water’s edge in prime hurricane zone? Who built his house upon the sand in prime earthquake zone? Who Built close to a known volcano? But who knew that we built where a tsunami would turn up in 2004?

Are we to blame for the many hundreds of thousands of people dying from natural disasters, yes and no. Yes we built there, but who knows when the next one will be??

But the Flooding, we build long side rivers and build no protection, we assume that we are safe, and you never know from year to year. And yet we pay for the stupidity of people that build along the river’s edge without any forethought. Will it be your neighborhood that is flooded next or mine? You will never know.

Seasons change and time again flooding happens. We forget that when it rains down here it would most likely be snowing on the mountains, and sometime it has to melt, and sometime, something has to give.

The rain is more and is harder, pounding with not just a few inches of rain, but almost a foot of rain, that causes the flooding. Our storm drains are not able to handle this new type of rain that shows up, and then flooding occurs.

Somewhere I heard, that all the areas that are less then 10 feet above sea level, they will be the areas that will be flooded out first, when the waters come..

And yes, they are coming.

Gordon Michael Scallion’s Map of North America and World

After looking at the article Greenland Glaciers Losing Ice Much Faster, Study Says, I have to ask the question, what was Scallion seeing, and what was he onto when he first went on Coast to Coast AM, with Host Art Bell so many years ago?

Perhaps he had been working on math with people, or he is a visionary of what is happening, and what is going on and putting two and two together as it were.

I had wondered about that. A vision, a dream, coming reality?

Does this scare anyone yet, that these pictures that I will attach below have a possibility of becoming reality?

With what is being said from this article, I have to ask, how long will it take before the ice melts and there is not enough land left for 6.5 billion people currently, and probably when it all melts around 8-9 billion. Where are all these people going to go?

What will be the most likely series of events, when things start to melt, more and more levies will be built to try to hold off the water. But with the weather patterns also changing during all these events, all these levies will be in vain.

When all is said and done, and when everything is over, there will be less space for more people in the world, and when all the weather patterns destroy many areas due to tornado and hurricanes, people will die and diseases will be rampant in those areas.

Expect many hundreds of thousands to millions of people world wide to die due to the weather changes.

Earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, ground touching jet stream, volcanoes, the weather of the future is now.

What we thought of as something far fetched is now knocking on our door of reality, and what we are seeing is only the beginning.

As everyone else says, are we coming to the end of the world as we know it?? Who knows, I have no idea, and I can say what Mother Nature has in store for us, we could only possibly imagine.

Is it Revelations, or is it Genesis?

I don’t know if Revelations is real or not, but if what is written in the Bible is true and Revelations is true then, just think what is in store for us.

God only knows….


Click Here To Order Gordon Michael Scallion’s Map of the world in Full Size from his website.