Vote Independent

I often sit at my computer looking for something inspirational to write about, and yet find it hard to have inspiration. I look at the many topics and I see too many topics that just depress me to no end.

People are too wrapped up in their reality shows, and other distractions. The distraction currently in the USA is the Presidential Election, where one puppet will be replaced with another or perhaps it will stay the same.

In the mean time, people are distracted like rats in a maze with which of the two candidates are better for the country and which one has the best vision. The answer is their vision does not include you. It only includes those with the cash to put them in power.


We the Sheeple…

Scared in a corner unwilling to think, unwilling to act, and unwilling to stand up and say NO. Unwilling to say we are one, and we have a voice, and if you are not willing to listen, we are willing stand up with arms, we have that right.

We the people has turned into sheeple, because no one is willing to put their head up out over the wall to see what is being done to their countries.


Occupy Movement, An exercise in futility.

Here we are hitting the end of November 2011, and we are now seeing the occupy movements being targeted and slammed against the wall and forced to move out of where they have been occupying.

One city after another has filed injunctions, and ordered the occupiers to move out. Like one big conspiracy between the mayors of all the cities where the occupy movements are in, you can see them topple like a house of cards.


Politics of the Stupid

All things that we create in our life, usually come from our own fears or hopes. I find myself wondering if I had made a decision to do something or not would it had made a difference in the long run.

In Canada we are at another federal election, and in this case we have a lot of people that have found themselves in the camp of the conservatives, who like many of their American counterparts, have found that they combine their religion and politics into one realm. But yet when you try to talk to them about religion or politics you get berated because they always figure they are right and you are wrong.

The problem with some conservatives is their level of paranoia that they are being ganged up on. I have to state with some certainty that this has a level of psychosis to it, and a level of mental unbalance.


Carbon tax to cover all B.C. fuels

Written by Tom Fletcher
Feb 20, 2008 at 01:51 AM
The B.C. government will collect an estimated $1.8 billion over the next three years from a new “carbon tax” on all fossil fuels, but Finance Minister Carole Taylor vows it will all be given back to individuals and businesses.

The carbon tax is to take effect July 1, adding an estimated 2.4 cents to a litre of gasoline this year and rising to 7.2 cents by 2012. It will also apply to natural gas, starting at 49.88 cents per gigajoule, and diesel fuel starting at 2.8 cents a litre. Taylor said legislation will be tabled this spring requiring the government to return every dollar collected by the carbon tax. As the carbon tax is phased in over four years, income tax on the first $70,000 of earnings is to be cut two per cent in 2008 and five per cent in 2009.

Lower income people will also receive a “climate action tax credit,” amounting to $100 per year for each adult and $30 for each child. A single person earning $30,000 or less, or a couple earning $35,000 or less, will qualify for the full amount, to be paid quarterly with the GST tax credit starting in June.

Taylor said the tax cuts and credits will “give dollars to individuals to make their own lifestyle choices,” and those who choose fuel efficiency will come out ahead. An average family with a minivan would pay $46 a year in carbon tax, which could be saved by driving 10 km less each week, or weatherstripping doors and windows to cut heat loss, she said.

NDP finance critic Bruce Ralston said the budget exempts major industries from the carbon tax, at least until a carbon trading system comes into place. He also noted that the biggest business tax cut is for financial institutions.

“It’s a great day for banks and big polluters,” Ralston said. “They figured out in 13 months how to make ordinary people pay a carbon tax. There are a few one-time benefits, but the real beneficiaries here are the big banks.”

The government is also sweetening the carbon tax deal with a one-time-only “climate action dividend” of $100, to be sent out in June. People are encouraged to spend it on something that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but there are no strings attached.

The carbon tax is based on $10 per tonne of carbon emissions, rising by $5 a year to $30 in 2012.

NDP environment critic Shane Simpson questioned whether 2.4 cents per litre on the price of gasoline will be enough to change people’s driving habits. He also noted the government is increasing financial incentives to oil and gas exploration.

The budget also includes $1 billion in government spending on climate change efforts. These include $370 million for public transportation, $57 million for bioenergy and alternative energy such as solar power, $31 million for innovation and carbon storage in forests and related industry, and $49 million to prepare for global warming by improving river flow data and funding flood protection works.

You Lost My Vote!

I am writing this to inform all elected officials that you have lost my vote. My reasons are simple; you are not for the people, for the truth, and right and honorable things in which our society needs.

You vote against good ideas to make our nation better. You listen to the lobbyists instead of me. I voted you there did I not? Or am I wrong.

I’m tired of voting for people that lie, and say things and do not do it. I am tired of voting for people that think being elected is an entitlement. Its not, it’s a privilege, understand me. Its not a Right. You think your there to serve yourself, wrong, your there to serve me.

I am one of the people that is tired of voting for people that do not have my values. That do not believe that we need to change the way things are done in this world. I am tired of the businesses controlling the world.

The power of the people is going to be happening whether you like it or not. We the people have decided we do not believe in your level of ethics. You don’t have the morals and ethics that I have.

You do not believe that we need to get rid of Gas power cars and change away from that polluting filth. I guess you do not seem to understand that friend or relative that you have that died of cancer was related to our way of life.

We the people want lower costs of living and higher wages, but you will not do anything to help us! You are only interested in padding your pockets. You make me sick.

We the people want products that are not filled with chemicals that harm our children. You’re not helping here, are you?

You go and decide that our voice does not matter because we do not have the big money to give to your campaigns. You lost my vote because you will not listen to me.

I’m tired of voting for people that do not listen. People that do not care about what I have to say, or are not willing to stand up for change. I’m tired of my government officials doing things that are bad for the people.

Yes its ok, to pass laws that are bad for the environment. And sell out the people of the world for the big profit. It’s ok, that you lie to us, and make us believe it’s for our own good. You’re belief is WRONG, dead wrong.

You think that it’s ok for gas to be over $5.00 a US gallon. You think that’s its ok for us to have to pay more for going to work, and make less money.

You think it’s ok that we want people like you representing us? No, we don’t. Your Values seem to represent big business, and big dollars.

I want to tell you I am voting for an independent in the next election. Forget voting for a democrat or republican, or conservative, or liberal. I’m tired of voting for people that are not going to fix problems in this world or this nation.

I have had my fill of the lies and lip service.

I am going to tell you one last time. You have lost my vote. I will vote independent for the rest of my life.