Star Trek Enterprise CANCELLED

In a startling move by Paramount, the planned and sudden cancellation of the latest series, though ratings were starting to climb; in light of the previous seasons having a poor rating.

As many Fans around the world sit in shock as they are dumbfounded of the right words to say, some in anger, and others just glad this saga of bad script writing has been put to bed finally.

Since this announcement, there are cries afoul as many fans call on Paramount to un-cancel the show from UPN and or move it to the sci-fi channel.

There are many websites that have sprung up in the many weeks amidst of rumours of the cancellation with many attempts to save the show, even as far as looking for private investors to keep the series alive.

As far as private investors go, it’s all up in the air. However, in this day and age you never know who will consider funding any project for any reason. So at this point this can not be counted out.

At this point, this will be the first time since 1989 that there will be no Star Trek Series in production. This is a first in a very long time, perhaps its time to let the Whole Star Trek Series take a nap and bring it back in a few years.

Over the past many years the Whole Star Trek Phenomenon has grown on many levels… many people put down in census information, as Klingon as a second language, to adopting the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition in their business practices, to many other assorted things.

Reporting on a Stab through the heart of the millions of Star Trek Fans…

I am Max.