Murder By Proxy

“You hear, about some kid did something stupid– something desperate. What possessed him? How could he do such a terrible thing? Well, (come here) It’s really quite simple, actually. Consider life of a teenager, huh? You have parents, teachers telling you what to do. You have movies, magazines, and TV telling you what to do, but you know what you have to. Huh? Your job, your purpose is to get accepted, get a cute girlfriend, and think up something great to do for the rest of your life. What if you’re confused and you can’t imagine a career? What if you’re funny looking and can’t get a girlfriend? You see, no one wants to hear it. But the terrible secret… is that being young, is sometimes less fun then being dead. Suicide is wrong…” – Mark Hunter – Pump Up the Volume

This quote is the quote that begins this post, where we begin, and where we will end. The topic of this post is about two things that have happened in my life, Bullying and Suicide. I’ve personally been bullied, and I’ve personally known over a dozen people that have committed suicide.


9/11… The conspiracy of the facts..

I often think as I listen to all these people that sit and argue about 9/11 and who did what and it was either gravity or an inside job.

I will tell you, if it was an inside job, a black op, such as many of those carried out. If it was, if it was the highest part of the most secret parts of the United States Government, military, alphabet agencies, and so forth acting on their own to remotely control aircraft, or having pilots actually flying those planes or other people flying those planes into the buildings.

Let me ask one question, and this is the one that I love, is proof. You can prove there was a crime scene on 9/11, and planes flew into those buildings. You can prove that people died. You can prove the buildings fell, and you can prove a lot of things.

But what can not be proven is a conspiracy in the highest levels of government, what can not be proven is explosives brought down those buildings.

Eye witness testimony 4-5 years later is not really accurate, as can be shown in The Pentacon where one witness says he is at one place in the Citgo gas station but really in another. At one of the front, pump instead of the back pump. But he does remember when asked. I don’t see conspiracy in this movie, as I recall it.

Recalling your story 5 years later with so much media and controversy and getting it correct is at best ambiguous. I am not saying these people lied, what I am saying is time does play tricks on the memory, and media influence plays tricks on the memory.

The people were doing the news that morning would probably recall things differently, as well as the people that watched it. Time is a major factor in recalling your memories, like it only happened yesterday, but I tell you if you wrote down what happened so many years ago, and recalled it, and then read what your wrote it would be different. But then again going back and re-reading what you wrote is also a level of self-indoctrination otherwise known as brainwashing.

We listen to what is said in loose change, but there are also a lot of truths omitted in that as well, we listen to so many people that say they are an expert without being one. We listen to other people that saw the buildings collapse and take that as gospel, and we take what the passerby says to be the truth.

Let me say this, if there was a conspiracy, you and I assure you are not going to figure it out completely. I like to say people that know the truth, know there is no conspiracy.

The conspiracy is in not knowing and a lot of people seem to think there was a conspiracy and others say there was not one.

There are two sides to all this right???  I have to say, dead wrong.

Let’s look at facts, the real facts, not surmised facts by someone that is a film making student, using artistic license to sell his movie.

When you look at the one side, and that’s the truth, you seem to find out what is going on. Ignore the hapless arguments by those that smoke their drugs, and suffer from paranoia.

Ignore the arguments by those that can not provide evidence and proof. Ignore the lies and the assumptions and suppositions. Separate the crap from the truth. That is the biggest problem with the “truth movement†they want to say it was an inside job without looking at science.

In all investigations you have to find one thing, and that’s the truth. Evidence never lies, only the interpretation of that evidence can be skewed to what ever truth the person is telling their perception of that evidence.

Perception and Reception of information, as well as facts in this case is overwhelming, and too much for one person to absorb and completely understand. The magnitude of information is staggering, and to understand it all is too much.

The truth movement would have you believe it was an inside job, and I say find the witnesses and people involved and the truth to prove that theory, find the proof, and find the people that are willing to talk. People are always willing to talk it is a fact of life.

I can not firmly believe one way or another that it was a terrorist attack or a staged event. If this was a staged event, then they had to have their own people in place either controlling the planes or otherwise. If this was a staged event, then let me ask one thing, where would you control those airplanes from to make sure they flew into those buildings with perfect precision??

In many of these movies we always see one side of building 7; we never see the other side. I like to call it the picturesque side of the building; the side that everyone can believe looks perfect.

What I am saying is conspiracy theorists use their logical deduction to prove a conspiracy without using science and facts and knowledge of science or being educated in such fields. They provide people that are also known in the conspiracy group, as valid resources and knowledgeable to talk about something as fact without proof.

I have listened to enough conspiracy people to know how they think. They huddle in their group and look to each other for answers and when they find the best one, which has to be the truth.

Meanwhile the rest of us listening to the television being told what the truth is; because, we know for a fact that the news does their research and does not grab the story from the newswire and repeat it verbatim back to us.

I have watched a lot of television, and I can say for a fact that being without it for a while is actually good for you.

What I am looking for is proof based on math, which is based on factual numbers on why those buildings fell in the first place. Let us use actual mathematical computations, based on actual data available, for the plane itself, the building design, where and how the plain hit the buildings, the instant damage done on impact.

I guess you see what I am saying, eliminate all the facts first, and if the answer is not there, then use theory.

Ockham’s Razor is the principle proposed by William of Ockham in the fourteenth century: “Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate”, which translates as “entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily” Or in plain English “All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one.”

But let us add another to all of this, Hanlon’s Razor: “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity”.

Let us look at all the stupidity that happened the day of 9/11, let us look at the Flight Traffic Controllers that did not have clue what to do, there was procedure right, of some kind?

There was procedures, and there were rules, but where these rules in place or did people not know what to do?

Many of these conspiracy movies talk about planes that were flown way out into the southern USA. What they don’t talk about is what was their standard base assignment, flight assignments, assignment roster, preplanned maneuvers, which happened to be on that day. But it’s all implied that it was setup in the highest levels of government to change plans and set this up from the beginning. There may be proof, but we need a whistle blower to be protected that will tell the truth sure protected my ass. These people have more power and the knowledge of who is who and what is what to deal with people that might talk or will talk.

People don’t understand that in the military you are given a direct order you follow it without question. Let me explain what that means, reduction in rank, prison time, dishonorable discharge, no pension, etc. Let’s think about this carefully, a reduction in rank means less salary, which means you, might not be able to pay your bills. Prison time usually follows a trial, and disobeying a direct order of a superior officer, is not something people are willing to do, knowing the rules are given to them before hand to follow.

What I am saying is people follow orders because that’s the rules, regardless of a gut feeling or knowing that they should not do it, but they do. Failure to follow the orders of a superior officer is not something that is taken lightly.

So back to that little conspiracy, those planes were not in position, not because the pilots felt like it, but because they followed orders. And in loose change they say the planes should have been elsewhere up north near their base. Let’s look at that little fact again as stated above. None of the film makers know or even have a clue what the military is about and what failure to follow an order really means. You can not just choose not to follow an order without violating the UCMJ.

Another conspiracy is that the buildings were brought down by explosives, in a controlled demolition ask experts that know what the rubble looks like after a proper demolition, don’t just create supposition based on hearsay evidence.

All I ask is people to think logically and not jump into one theory or another unless they can back it up by fact.

On 9/11 there was confusion among those that were supposed to know what to do, why was there not?? That’s simple; there was no rule in place saying which agency took control of the situation. No one knew which agency should take the lead in this situation.

Was it NORAD, the Whitehouse, FAA, Military Command, which group here had the lead, who had seniority, who was in charge?? Do you know? And If you do, please enlighten me, because I am interested in facts, not supposition.

What I am looking for is simple facts, to put together a factual time line of events of that day. The: who, what, when, where, why, and How?? Yes those questions I was taught in school which is the basis of investigations.

Provide facts and provide truth, and provide the data and all sources, no hidden or private sources, about that day.

There are people that know what happened that day and are not talking under national security rules. Remember what I said about following orders? These people can only talk after their oath has expired and their national security authorization has expired and after they can not provide proof. They can talk, but they don’t because they take that oath as serious as it gets, no joking in what I say. I have asked a few people about what it means when they take that oath of secrecy.

People that are not in the military do not get it when the people in the military are given a direct order. That order stands until it is rescinded. It is that simple.

Those conspiracy theorists have to learn all the rules that government organizations have to follow, before they can say it’s a conspiracy but they don’t.
There is only one conspiracy, and that’s withholding of the information that has been kept secret/classified. That’s it, and that’s all.

But there is no conspiracy if you are in the know. Conspiracy as defined: A joining or acting together, as if by sinister design. Please note the words as if. If you know the truth it’s no longer sinister or is it??

People are so afraid; I say stop watching television and read. Learn your history and understand the present. History only repeats itself when we do not learn from the past.

A Tragedy with no yesterday…

Everyone and their dog are talking the Ramsey case like its no tomorrow, and you know what, the girl is still dead, another senseless victim… Nothing can be done to bring her back… her light and her life were taken away for no reason what-so-ever…

Who really did it… as for this guy they got, John Mark Karr… did he really do it, or is he a publicity hound, or did he do it??
Does it really matter; this little girl is still dead…

All I know is that she had a future that was so bright, she would have become Miss America if she had stayed in long enough… but at what cost… to become a piece of meat on a market of how good you look, and who cares about what you had to say… those beauty pageants are just like going to a meat market and buying beef. That’s all it really is. I don’t watch them because I know nothing is served, and nothing is better from them…

When you have to set aside your morals for something, then the price is too high… it makes me sad to think that this little girl lost out on a life, of having friends, a boyfriend, love and marriage because of some twisted person. It’s sad that this happened, and that it turned into a national spectacle…

This little girl lay dead in her grave 10 years, and still no answers as to what really happened that tragic night, and who really did it?

Is Karr a person of talked to someone that knew about this case on intimate detail, he very well could be, maybe he did it, maybe he is one sick individual that likes little girls… As I look at this, I do not know ever detail or facet of this case as many do…

I do know the truth is nothing can undo or change what happened that cold dark night in December, when her life was extinguished.

This child deserves to have this answered and put to rest.. 10 years and no answer… 10 years and no peace… a spirit without peace is unable to make its transition, many different belief systems say… 10 years is a long time to wait for an answer to this to be solved.. Patsy Ramsey is now with her daughter wherever that is, in heaven or on a cloud or in a garden, or reincarnated… who knows… Other belief systems that believe in reincarnation, say that if you can not finish your task for a life time, you have to go back again to finish it. Our spirit’s goal is to have a human experience, some beliefs say… All are good beliefs and all have valid points to make, I never discount one over the other…

In the end if there is such a thing as a God or higher power, only it knows the answer to these questions…

Ten years of guilt and the pain that this family felt, will it finally come to an end… will it be done… Time will tell… God only knows…

Homeless & starving, the ignored masses

I was reading an article online from Florida news about limiting the feeding of homeless. I sat stunned to stupidity as I read this article, which I will post below my article so that you may read it for yourselves.

As many people have done, they work at restaurants, myself have worked at a Chinese Food Restaurant. Here twice a day they had a buffet, and at the end of that buffet the food got put into the garbage. Tossed out, wasted food, and more people starving and hungry that day.

I admit that this bothering me after three months was well to say the least was huge. There are hundreds of millions of restaurants that throw out the buffet at the end of the night. Millions of pounds of food, that does go to waste every day because no one thinks that maybe their garbage waste food, would still be good for someone else to eat.

There are people that have given up because no one would help them. There are people that kill themselves because no one will help or even listen to them. People are homeless for so many reasons that I could not list them all here, but I ask how many have been there and crawled back into this world we laughingly call society.

When I worked at this restaurant, there were many people that could have been fed with the leftovers. Probably 10-20 homeless people could have been fed. Yes Chinese food is not the best food in the world, and at least something in their bellies would have been a start.

How many companies other then restaurants throw out their leftovers, expired food from stores, that if ate that day would be fine? How many people are left hungry and starving and resort to violence and crime to feed them self? How many people would kill someone or commit a crime so they could have a roof over their head and three meals a day? How many will go to the level of extreme to keep themselves alive?

There are many that do just that, which are in jail, because they could not get their life back together. They commit a crime just to have food.

Many people that read this would think that I am off my tree with what I am saying, hence my only objective in what I write is to make people think, and make people ask questions of why do we not do anything to help?

I bet that if you asked many people in this world why they ended up homeless, they might answer bills, drugs, stress, they could not take it anymore, and so many more answers. I would bet, that the first two I mentioned; will be the top two, told to you by these people.


Travesty International

I am sitting here as I write this with a glass of water in arms reach, and I just came from the TV where I was flipping through the channels.

I came away wondering why I should go and send money over to Africa, to these organizations that want you to sponsor a child. I was wondering why are we sending money, they talk about how these people have no food and can not grow any and have to walk for miles to get to town to buy some.

It’s a heart wrenching story.

I can go to my local grocery store and buy the food I need, and all the amenities are available to me. The only exchange is that I must work and earn money to pay for those groceries.

In Africa, they don’t exactly have that option in many places.

I was watching this scene of this young woman with two kids, trying to grow food on dead soil.

Every person knows that in order to grow you need water. These people don’t even have that for growing, and no one seems to think that sending over the people and equipment to drill for water wells would seriously help these people.

Instead, on TV we hear about how hard it is for them, and how no one is helping them.

All these people need is water to be able to grow their food. That is all, and all they need to do is send the people and equipment over to grow it.

These people could be taught how to do gardening that will keep their food alive and growing, using minimal watering techniques like drip watering.

Instead we hear about how they can not do anything because no one will help them with one thing.

You’re probably thinking about all the diseases, and how would this help to get rid of them. Proper nutrition will help their immune system to be able to withstand more.

If we can turn arid regions like Vegas into places that have people over here, then why can it not be done over there??

Why can we not turn those dead areas that have hidden water buried way deep into areas that produce?

The ability is there for us to do this, we send all this money in aid to these countries and how much of it is really put forth to the people, and how much is put forth to help them.

These people will not help themselves, unless we give them the tools to do so. We keep sending in food to these countries, instead of teaching them how to make their own food, and how to make the food with the right tools.

How about this thought… we go over there and drill for water, and if we hit oil then even better. Once we have water, we have the beginning. They always have sun, so in that point we now have the tools needed to use solar power with battery and wind backup. Once we can pump water up to the surface then we are doing well.

From there, we need at least a 1000 gallon water tank, enclosed, so that no one can enter the tank, the tank must be set up with a tool much like a toilet to fill to a certain level then shut the pump off. The tank will then be run on gravity feeding.

From there we have two outlets one setup for drinking water, and the other setup for farming. The drinking water will go through proper filtration so that they have proper drinking water.

The farming water, we can set it up to use drip links on a three field system. We then have a 500 gallon tank set up for the gardening water. Once it’s filled every day, and then only half of the water should be used. By watering at night less water can then be used.

Then we teach them how to use the three field system and then from there we have it down to where an entire village will be able to be fed.

Now I may sound like I am off the deep end with my ideas, but when it comes down to it, I am simply thinking outside the box.

You’re probably thinking how much work it would take to get this all to work? I am calculating at least $15,000 USD to do, per village.

It would not be hard to do, it only takes will power.