Politics of the Stupid

All things that we create in our life, usually come from our own fears or hopes. I find myself wondering if I had made a decision to do something or not would it had made a difference in the long run.

In Canada we are at another federal election, and in this case we have a lot of people that have found themselves in the camp of the conservatives, who like many of their American counterparts, have found that they combine their religion and politics into one realm. But yet when you try to talk to them about religion or politics you get berated because they always figure they are right and you are wrong.

The problem with some conservatives is their level of paranoia that they are being ganged up on. I have to state with some certainty that this has a level of psychosis to it, and a level of mental unbalance.

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Privacy, Dead and Still Loving it.

Back in 2003 I wrote a little quick article about how privacy has degraded and in the 7 years of the original article we have had such great advancements such as MySpace, FaceBook, and twitter, to name a few..

Recently people are all up in arms over FaceBook going and weakening their privacy policy and the sharing of personal information online. People are deleting their accounts under the assumption and belief that their personal information will vanish off the FaceBook servers… one word for you crazy people that are doing this, its called backups of the hordes of data that FaceBook has.

Privacy has been dead since the advent of the phone, the computer and the internet. Since the internet came along we have wanted to get to know people, connect with old friends and family and be able to communicate for a lot cheaper.

The internet has made possibilities come true, as well as the ability to communicate for cheap.

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Our failed Society

The failure of our society comes from the fact that we spend more money and energy on creating war, and finding an enemy then trying to be friends with people.

I sit and think of how far we would be if we spent all our effort on technology that was not designed for war, but instead for peace, and the wellness of our society as a whole.

It’s pretty sad that our society is based around war and warmongering, and the propagation of hatred and violence. A majority of industry is based around creating weapons of war, from planes, tanks, ships, bombs, guns, and nuclear weapons. Most our technological advancements have been based around creating weapons.

It is amazing how much of our medical technology is based around repairing the damage created from war. Much of the knowledge of amputations have been learned and mastered from the medical needs from war. World war two is a prime example of how Bayer, used war and experimenting on people in the concentration camps to prefect the products they were creating.

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So What does it mean to be Canadian?

It is true, most Canadians have a hate for America they rationally can not explain.. but what people don’t look at is the simple truths… most of those people are out there slaving away at a job just like you and me… We both have walmart, we got tim hortons and starbucks, and they are now just getting tim hortons… We both got sears, home depot, office depot, etc, etc…

We both have people that vote for stupid political parties that don’t get results, and people wonder why that is… BECAUSE WE ELECTED STUPID PEOPLE!!!… We think that having a minority gov’t is a bad thing… Americans really don’t know what that is, even if you explain it 100 times…

We have the monarchy as our head of state… I don’t know if that is something to be proud of or embarrassed over.. because personally, it don’t matter either way… They Got the president as their head of state… We Both got the bankers as our real masters… the president is a puppet and so is the Prime minister.

We watch the same reality TV shows and hope some random person that we don’t know, nor really care about, not get voted off for some stupid reason.. We both watch the same sports games… and so forth….

So what does it mean to be Canadian… not a damned thing….

Its just a line in the sand.. that divides the land that don’t know the difference if over there is the USA or Canada…

There is no REAL Canadian Identity, We have no patriotism, or if we do we sure don’t show it, or show we are proud to be Canadian.

Canada is just a Country of Convenience and a place for people to become citizens of convenience… so a real Canadian Identity is we are just a lazy cheap country that sells out our values for a buck…

So in other words, we are just like the USA.